MyMint Blog Goes Live, Interviews Me

An upcoming web application called MyMint aims to help you save money by analyzing your spending habits. While I can't say too much about MyMint at the moment, I do know that it is a comprehensive personal finance tool geared towards college students, young professionals or just anyone who wants to improve their finances. MyMint analyzes your finances and shows you exact ways you can save money.

MyMint Blog

Getting to the point, MyMint launched their blog today. It's not your typical corporate blog; you can expect to find posts about saving money in college and interviews with influential people - not just press releases.

MyMint is the work of a bang-up startup in San Francisco comprised of notable people formerly of companies from the likes of Facebook, PayPal, PGP and universities like Berkeley and Princeton. Long story short, they're definitely on to something and going somewhere with it. Noah Kagan, one of MyMint's employees, mentioned a few MyMint features in this video of him speaking at Berkeley.

I've already received a few emails from people asking me for beta invites to MyMint. Just as an FYI, I don't have any. When/if I do receive any, you can be sure I'll blog about it. You can also expect an exclusive MyMint review when they wrap up development "soon" as I've been told.

Disclosure: I know Noah and he owes me an In-N-Out burger or two the next time I'm in California.