More Reasons Why I Love California

Today I took another full-day outing with Bryan Veloso and Phil Freo. We had just planned to go superkarting (think fast go-karts) but one thing led to the next and we went all over the San Jose/Palo Alto area. I'll let the pictures do the talking this time.. but after lunch at Oakridge Mall and then superkarting in Burlingame we saw FaceBook and Azureus HQ in Palo Alto and ended up at BlogHer to meetup with Will Pate (Flocker). The only thing I regret is forgetting to bring my buttons to hand out to people I met.

Jul 29th Outings
Hyatt - BlogHer
The Hyatt in San Jose where the BlogHer conference was held.
We were able to snatch a picture with Robert Scoble, the famous blogger, ex-Microsoft employee and now employee.
Ponzi @ BlogHer
Ponzi, Chris Pirillo's cool wife. I grew up watching Chris et al on TechTV.

If you are EVER at any tech conference, definitely try to find Will Pate. He goes to every conference and therefore knows just about everyone.