Major Dilemma

I've recently discovered and been interested in taking up a major in Computational Media rather than what I am currently in, Computer Engineering. From the computer engineering classes I've taken thus far I am finding a hard time picking up anything I really enjoy in this major. I've always liked tinkering with electronics and will continue to do so, but I think I would enjoy a major and career in CM. To the best of my knowledge CM is graphic/web design. I have also been tinkering around with websites and photoshop, etc, since I was young as well. I won't be able to take any courses for a new major until next semester so I've got time to decide. I'm trying to find out what kinds of careers are viable for a college graduate in a Computational Media major.

This is how the gatech website describes a CM major...

A joint offering between the College of Computing and the School of Literature Communication and Culture, the Bachelor of Science in Computational Media (CM) recognizes the significant role of computing in communication and expression. The curriculum provides the CM major a thorough understanding of the technology, history, and application of the computer as a medium in business, education and entertainment.