MacHeist Teaser Info

Phill Ryu's My Dream App might have just ended but a new online sensation is about to begin. MacHeist is the name and shareware (Mac app) love is the game. Okay that sounded a bit cheesy but I assure you MacHeist is going to be amazing. As with everything Phill Ryu, you are bound to find many Mac developers involved with MacHeist.


MacHeist is a 5 week long event that will be invitation-only at first and will work towards an Uber bundle at the end with the last week starting on December 11th. Users can get money off of the Uber bundle by completing "heists" which are hacker/thief themed missions. An example heist might include "hacking" various Mac sites that are working with MacHeist. Regardless of heists completed, each week there will be a free Mac app given away.

So the Uber bundle has got your attention hasn't it? Phill has given me a sneak peek and I must say that it is insane - a bunch of quality apps that I would pay good money for. As for the apps to be given away each week, what shareware Mac applications do you love? Please leave a comment as MacHeist organizers will be scouring this post for suggestions!