MacHeist OS X App Bundles For Sale

MacHeist began selling their ridiculously underpriced bundle of OS X apps today. One-fourth of the money made from MacHeist goes to a charity of your choice.. and it seems like MacHeist will be helping out many charities this year. They have already made 10,000 for charities and it has only been half a day.

MacHeist Bundle

The bundle goes for 49 and includes the following apps: Delicious Library, FotoMagico, ShapeShifter, DEVONthink Personal, Disco, RapidWeaver, iClip 4, one Pangea game. Once the total for charities breaks 50,000 every bundle customer will receive Newsfire - and then TextMate once MacHeist reaches 100,000 raised for charity.

MacHeist is a successful Phill Ryu production, from the same 18 year old that kick-started My Dream App.