I've Been Podcasted!

Bryan Veloso interviewed me on his ever popular Live From The 101 podcast. We've been trying to do this for about two weeks but we could never find the time with the huge time zone difference between Atlanta and Silicon Valley. Yesterday, I found a nice chunk of time around 1am after finishing my CS homework. Thankfully, this also worked for Bryan so we fired up iChat after he picked up some kitty litter.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Stamatiou, 9rules member, tech blogger and certified traffic whore. Although it was a pretty short interview, we covered a bit, including how much of a Mac buff Paul is. Also included are comments on balancing college and blogging [...] Read More.

I had some stuff written down to say but with my roommates staring at me the whole time, I did it on the fly. Bryan also mentions me being a car buff, which I am. Take a look at my car here, being run on a dynamometer at a meet with the SVT of Atlanta car group. BTW, that dyno video was before I installed my midpipe, so it's much louder now. :-P