Intel's Blogger Challenge Launches and I'm Part of It!

In cooperation with Ogilvy PR and the help of Rohit Bhargava, Intel has launched their blogger challenge. The Intel Blogger Challenge is a 5 week long challenge of sorts where 6 bloggers are asked to share their unique views on a different question each week. Each blogger was selected from a different niche. I am the resident tech blogger for the Intel Centrino Duo Blog, Bre Pettis is the video blogger, Mindy Roberts is the mommy blogger, Pim Techamuanvivit is the food blogger, Mia Kim is the gadget blogger and finally Jen Chung is the city blogger.

For five weeks, our panel of bloggers will share their thoughts - and in week 3 we will reveal the identity of our mystery blogger … a person who many believe may just have defined the entire category of blogging itself. Check back each week on Monday for a new question and throughout the week to read all the responses from our bloggers. Also, be sure to visit the blog at noon EST on Wednesday, November 15th to find out the identity of our mystery blogger. In the meantime, if you think you can guess his/her identity, let us know by posting a comment here (be sure to include your email address so we can contact you). Every winning guesser will receive a small prize from Intel.

Intel gave each of us a laptop, of more or less our choosing, for our impending participation. They will also introduce a well-known mystery blogger later on during the 3rd week of the challenge. The first question has already been served up and you can read my response about why I blog.

As I'm sure a few of you are interested, I chose a Sony Vaio SZ330 for my laptop (PCs only, no Macs). It has a speedy Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.0GHz, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, a 120GB HD, a DVD+RW DL optical drive, an integrated 1.3MP camera, 13.3-inch XBRITE screen as well as a fingerprint reader. It also has an integrated Cingular EDGE wireless modem.

Sony Vaio

Be sure to visit the Intel Blogger Challenge at least weekly to see the latest posts.