Intel Launches IT@Intel Blog

Intel, the corporation responsible for your speedy Mac, has launched the IT@Intel Blog. It seems like all the big companies are catching on to this business blogging trend; I love it. A quick look around the blog will get you a page about the authors and there are some heavy hitters in there, including the director for the Platform Capability group and the manager for the Enterprise Collaboration & Engineer group at Intel. I have read the first few posts and if things keep up, it will be an interesting blog to watch.

Rohit Bhargava, who handles some of Intel's PR needs, has more on this as well as Intel's partnership with Second Life. The IT@Intel blog isn't Intel's first foray into blogging, they actually run quite a few blogs and I can tell you there will be one more coming soon.

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"Intel Launches IT@Intel Blog" by @Stammy

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