Intel Launches First 65nm Processor

Intel has launched the first processor based on the 65nm core. The Pentium D 955 boasts a significantly smaller core from the current 90nm and more common 130nm cores. It supports a frontside bus speed of 1066MHz, similar to the old 3.46GHz EE Prescott chip that wasn't too popular. The Pentium D 955 Extreme Edition also sports a frequency of 3.46GHz. A new feature in the 955 is hyperthreading on 4 virtual cores due to the dual-core (physical cores) setup. Up until now hyperthreading, an Intel only feature that splits work loads into separate execution piles, has only used two virtual cores. Don't get excited just yet, as with all EE chips the price tag is hefty; around 1100. Tom's Hardware has the full story.