Intel Brands the Conroe and Merom Processors

The creative geniuses at Intel have found a name for the upcoming desktop and mobile processors, the Intel code-named Conroe and Merom processors. Both will go by Core 2 Duo with Merom likely having another word attached to it to denote the differences. The Conroe processor will also have a faster, more expensive version similar to the Pentium's Extreme Edition processors. These will go by the name Core 2 Extreme, as outlined by USA Today.

Both processors are based upon a 65nm architecture and feature dual-cores, making them ideal for high-demand applications and especially attractive given their lower power requirements. Conroe will begin shipping in July with Merom scheduled for an August delivery. I will be purchasing a Merom for my Mac Mini in August, as it has been proven to be some 20 percent faster than the fastest, T2600 Core Duo.