Intel Blogger Challenge Wraps Up

I just finished my last blog post for Intel's Blogger Challenge. The Intel Blogger Challenge started at the end of October and aimed to get the opinions of "rising stars in the blogosphere" on a number of issues. The last prompt was rather interesting, asking about my thoughts for the future of technology. I focused on the maturing of wireless technology and internet connectivity. Here's an excerpt from my response:

However, the greatest impact technology has had on my life lies solely in wireless technology. In the past 5 years, the stellar widespread adoption, integration and use of Wi-Fi has changed many lives. Take for example the typical, bustling college campus. Now imagine that campus before everyone used Wi-Fi. Completely different scenario huh? With wireless technology, students are able to get a connection ANYWHERE on campus - regardless of whether they are lying on a bench outside of the quad, downing a sub in the student center or trying to find a quiet corner in the library.
Paul StamatiouPaul Stamatiou

Paul Stamatiou is a designer, developer and photographer living in New York. He has been a product designer at Twitter since 2013. More »

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"Intel Blogger Challenge Wraps Up" by @Stammy