I'm 9ruling It!

9rules Network

I wish I had not checked my email between classes. After finding out that I have been accepted into the prestigious 9rules Network, I couldn't be bothered by the math quiz I had an hour later. I feel extremely honored at this privilege. I have been keeping my eye on the 9rules Network for a long time and being a part of it now is surreal to say the least. I have some big shoes to fill but I will definitely get cozy in my new online home. Stay tuned for some more excellent content, I need to show 9rules they made the right decision.

I personally want to extend my thanks to Paul Scrivens for inviting me into 9rules and selecting my website out of some 509 other Round 3 submissions! I also couldn't have done it without the mentorship of Mr. Veloso from Avalonstar and the help of my Greek buddy Konstantinos at HiFiBlog. With them I was able to turn my sloppy tech blog into a professional and credible news, reviews and guides portal. Leave your comments at the door. I might not get back to you for a while, I'm heading off to cre824 tomorrow. Update: Read an interview with me over at BlogNetworkWatch.