If You Haven't Heard Yet, Firefox 2.0 Final is Out

ArsTechnica, Lifehacker, 456 Berea St, Neowin.net, BetaNews and many others are reporting that while Firefox 2.0 has a scheduled release for tomorrow, the download is live. Get it for yourself: Win32, Mac, Linux. Update: It may not be final after all.

Update 2: It is really out now. It seems as though they were working out Windows and perhaps Mac bugs because the MD5 sum for the Linux "final" is the same as RC3.

md5sum firefox-2.0* dec219811d989aeed2b8c7e338cc0b03 firefox-2.0rc3.tar.gz dec219811d989aeed2b8c7e338cc0b03 firefox-2.0.tar.gz