I Want to be a Celebrity Technology Consultant

Yes, I just made that term up but I bet there is already someone out there that goes by that title. From years of providing 24/7 tech support to family, extended family, friends and readers that email me, I've honed my support skills. Today I'd like to expand on an idea that has been tucked away in my mind for a long time. I Want to be a Celebrity Technology Consultant. I'm not talking about just e-celebs either.

Enter hypothetical situation. It's 2am on a Friday night in Los Angeles and my cell phone starts exploding (one of those hip new phrases for "someone's calling me"). It's Brad Pitt. He needs help. He was trying to order a gift for Angelina online but his Comcast connection died right before he could purchase it. No worries I tell him as I jet down the 405 in my Hamann whip (as long as we're being hypothetical here, why not...). Upon arrival I quickly setup an EVDO modem for Brad's Mac, which I had setup for him earlier, and get him back online. We chat about his new movie before I head out to respond to Tom Cruise's urgent SMS - something about a weird sound emanating from his CPU (and by CPU I bet he was referring to his tower and by tower he was probably talking about his hard drive).

Aside from living in LA (I'm more of a San Francisco advocate), that would be a great job. I should just make business cards that say Celebrity Technology Consultant, hand them out here and there, and the clients will come in time. Well that's enough fantasizing for the evening. Now that you've heard mine, let me hear about your dream job.