I am Thankful for...

I am thankful for ridiculous Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving break (I couldn't take one more Physics lecture), family, friends, finally getting some laundry done, my roommate that lets me play Mario Kart on his Nintendo DS, being able to bring my PS2 (for GT4) back up to school, Scrivs letting me in 9rules and finally putting an end to all these tech support calls from my mother and fixing that Dell for the last time.

I am not thankful for holiday traffic at the airport, 12 a day airport parking, things out of stock on Black Friday, facing a Physics test on Monday, sleepless nights in my horribly uncomfortable mattress at college, those kids on the 3rd floor that play a farm animal soundboard at 4am really loud, waiting in line for anything at the dining hall and lastly, overpriced monkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you rake in some massive steals at your local Black Friday sales events. If the Xbox 360 fiasco has taught me anything, the early bird definitely gets the worm... or at least a peek at the worm. I will be on the lookout for a new motherboard for my sister as the Swiftech Northbridge cooler was too heavy and pulled out the rentention clips on the motherboard. I tried soldering them back on but that didn't do the trick. By the way, I am loving my old CRT at home... it does 1920x1440!