How To Quickie: Swipe in Firefox

If you have a MacBook Air or recent MacBook Pro with a multitouch trackpad, you have probably already fallen in love with the "swipe" gesture. Three fingers swiped across the trackpad to the left or right take you back or forward a page, respectively, in your browsing history. Only native apps like Finder and Safari have built-in support for swiping and as such Safari has been my primary browser since I picked up my MacBook Air.

With the upcoming release of Firefox 3.0 tomorrow (June 17th), you might want to checkout MultiClutch. It lets you bind gestures like swipe, zoom and pinch to any Cocoa application, such as Firefox. Hat tip to Calvin for initially telling me about MultiClutch.

MultiClutch Firefox

Once you install MultiClutch you can setup different keys combinations and gesture bindings for various apps as well as setting up swiping in Firefox. Now you can use Firefox as your primary browser without being stuck to using the back and forward icons.

Are you looking forward to Firefox 3.0's launch tomorrow? Now, if only Firefox 3.0 had better text rendering like Safari..