How To: Lighttpd, PHP5 on TextDrive

After hearing about the joys of Lighttpd, a lightweight alternative to the Apache web server, for a long time I opened a Connector account with Joyent/TextDrive. I planned on using this account as a development sandbox where I can tinker with Lighttpd without the possibility of bringing down this blog, which experienced brief downtime last week when I upgraded to PHP5 my clumsy self.

However, I quickly found working with TextDrive complex due to their scattered documentation and use of Webmin. In this post, I'll be walking you through getting Lighttpd and PHP5 running on a TextDrive/Joyent Connector account.

Add Your Domain

Lighttpd and PHP5 Setup

Setting up the Proxy

In order for lighttpd to work, you must use a proxy with the port number you were given.
Lighttpd on TextDrive

Making sure it works

Lighttpd on TextDrive


For your convenience, here are the 3 files from this post:

Why Use Lighttpd?


I'm not responsible if your server goes boom and the CPU lets out magic smoke. I only wrote this as a guide for others to follow after my own bad experience trying to set it all up. I wrote it after I did it myself so I might have put a step or two in the wrong place. Try it and get back to me.

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"How To: Lighttpd, PHP5 on TextDrive" by @Stammy

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