Homemade Computer Super Cooling

Chris has done it again with his substantial post, Vapor Phase Change Cooling. He built a vapor phase change cooling system, utilizing a mixture of propane and oil, that can bring his processor way below freezing providing for a perfect overclocking situation. Chris talks about what parts were involved, how it all went together and how it works. This post doesn't talk about his overclocking ventures although I'm sure he'll save that for another post. He was telling me how he got a cheap AMD64 Socket 939 2.0GHz chip up to somewhere around 2.85GHz stable and that was with minimal extra voltage. Hurry up and read his write-up before GaTech housing finds out he's been playing with propane on campus.

Chris Vapor Phase Change

Building something like this is reserved for those that are extremely good with their hands and not afraid to work with combustible materials with the possibility of killing their motherboard and processor. He's been building this thing since last summer from personal experience and information he has learned from the professional's at XtremeSystems.org. Now Chris can start working on a phase change cooler for my Mac Mini.