Headphone Suggestions for Sports

As I've been into the whole Nike+ thing recently, I have been trying to hunt down a great set of headphones that stay put. The standard Apple iPod earbuds are worthless when it comes to sports activities and fall out quite often for me. I have been using an old pair of Sony behind-the-neck headphones but they are slightly bulky for running and have a very long cable that I have to tie up.

I ran a little poll on Twitter; here are the results.

What headphones do you use for sports activities? One small pet peeve of mine with earbuds is the where the cord going to one earbud is longer than the other (many Sony earbuds have this); I'm not sure how that is a feature, it just ends up putting more weight on one side causing it to fall out easier. All of these suggestions were for earbuds; do you know of any sporty behind-the-neck headphones?