Happy Holidays Contest

This is the one you've all been waiting for; a chance to win a domain name and a year of excellent hosting from my good friends at Media Temple. This year has been good to me and what better way to celebrate the success of this website than give back to the community that made it all happen?

Contest Rules

All that lies between you and a great prize is a great idea. To be eligible to win you need to leave a comment with a fantastic idea suggestion for an article for PaulStamatiou.com. It could be a how to of some software you can't quite grasp yet, a review of some sort or anything really. It just has to be great and unique. Please mention why you admire this blog so much compared to most tech blogs, what you like and don't like about it. Also, I'd like it if you could mention some suggestions to help me better this site. Regarding the article suggestion, a hint is that it should be broad enough to benefit a good amount of people, not just 3% of people running a certain Linux distro or web application. Take a look at the articles page to get an idea of the type of posts that made it big.

Entries may also include suggestions such as what other features you would like on this site, what you think of the design, the colors, ease of use, etc. THE CONTEST ENDS ON CHRISTMAS DAY, DECEMBER 25th. The winner will be contacted as soon as I wake up. Please use a valid email address.

The Sweet Prize

Now to explain the prize a bit. I have a hosting giftcard (worth 95) from Media Temple to hand over to the winner. The card is good for a year of hosting on an excellent (ss) Pro server, 2.0 GB of storage space, excellent (mt) support, a free domain name of your choice as well as the ability to host up to 6 websites. This is an awesome playground for your first or next blog. The winner can either be mailed (U.S. only) the hosting giftcard or quickly emailed all of the info necessary to activate their account. To make things even more enticing, if the winner wants to, I will post an entry about that person's new site a week or two after they've been established to start them off with some readers.

Let Everyone Know Incentive

If there are over 30 entries (from different people), I will throw in a Flickr Pro account or a 20 iTunes gift certificate (your choice) to the runner-up. So let all of your friends know, post about it on your blog, submit it to your favorite social-bookmarking services and start thinking up some great ideas!

If this is your first time to my site, you can get in the know by grabbing my RSS feed on the way out.

(mt) hosting card

A Complete Entry includes the following:

1) Article Suggestion
2) Why you like this site, why you don't
3) Site Suggestions