Gotta Love Apple

After arriving back to the room from Physics, I was delighted to discover that Apple released an updated iMac G5 with an integrated iSight as well as a new media-centeresque app called FrontRow, a new video iPod with the 60GB model being 12% thinner than the 4G iPod, and iTunes 6. I just installed iTunes 6 and noticed a new section in the left pane below Podcasts called Videos. The ultimate reason for iTunes 6 was video support. You can now purchased music videos along with tv shows for 1.99 each. However, I've found it a little hard to navigate between the music store and the video store; several pages don't work as well. I also don't think they are just ready for delivering music videos seeing as how trying to preview any music video results in a gray box, even though I have the latest QuickTime. But I will vouch for iTunes 6 in one thing; the Videos section includes all of the video podcasts I have, making them much easier to browse.

I suggest watching the keynote if you're interested in that kind of thing or checking out Engadget's review.