Giganews to hit 1,000 Day Retention

My preferred usenet host for the last 3 years, Giganews, is on their way to hitting a massive milestone: 1,000 day binary retention. Want a refresher on what usenet/newsgroups are all about and why you need a a usenet host to get started? Check out my popular article How To: Download with Newsgroups then come back here.

Giganews usenet 1000 days of retention contest

Okay cool, so you're all set with usenet now? Now you know why binary retention is a big deal. The longer the retention, the more data the usenet host can store for longer so it doesn't get purged immediately. You are more likely to find what you are looking for compared to other usenet hosts that may only have something like 100 day binary retention. When I say binary retention I'm simply referring to data and downloads rather than plain forum-like newsgroup content.

On May 2nd, we will become the first Usenet provider to store 1000 days of Usenet retention. To celebrate this milestone, we are pleased to announce the Giganews 1000 Days Prize Giveaway. Enter the Prize Giveaway to be eligible to win. When we hit 1000 days retention we will draw names for the prizes.

As mentioned, Giganews is holding a prize giveaway in honor of the milestone. Check out the details to see the prizes (5TB Drobo!) and how to enter.

Update: The winners have been selected.

Disclosure: I am a Giganews affiliate program member.