Georgia Tech Email Aliases, Iconize Me

Today is the day I've been waiting for. Last month Georgia Tech students were informed that today we would get email aliases that would forward email to our monotonous, boring email addresses that are in the format of "" For example, given my year of enrollment, my first "a" is a "g", the number is random, as well as the last letter. It is a horrible way for students to cope with campus email. No one other than yourself is able to remember it and causes widespread confusion when working in groups as people often mistype the addresses. This has happened to me several times, where people will accidentally send me their lab reports instead of their lab group as my number is the same as another students, but with a different letter. I woke up at 8am, which is when the website went live, to snag my alias, not that anybody else has my name. While I was up, I checked my email and was happy to see that my portrait from had arrived. IconizeMe is a great service run by three graphic artists. You send them your picture and 2+ weeks later you receive your digital self in an icon, pdf, jpg and several other formats for whatever use they will serve. You can see mine in the about blurb on the top of the homepage.

My last bit of info regards the lack of air conditioning in my residence hall. For some reason it has been off since 7am and they are try to fix something, egh.