Flip4Mac Universal Binary Released

After lingering in a non-existent then beta phase for what seemed like an eternity, Flip4Mac has been released as a Universal Binary. As most people know, Microsoft has never been fond of supporting Mac users, so when Intel processors were introduced to the Mac, Microsoft could care less about getting its outdated Windows Media Player software running. Microsoft then stopped producing WMP for the Mac and made a deal with Flip4Mac to offer their windows media plugin for QuickTime at no charge.

Long story short, if you run an Intel-powered Mac and need to be able to view Windows Media files, go get Flip4Mac's WMV component! I can hear Mac users everywhere rejoicing. Now I can go back and watch all those WMV's I've been stashing in a folder until this day came.

Here's the tasty changelog:

  • Added playback optimizations for Intel Macs
  • Added significant export optimizations for PowerPC Macs
  • Added multi language audio support in player
  • Added overlay when importing WMV content in trial mode
  • Added support for web authors to disable "save as" feature in web browser
  • Improved support for MMS servers and live streams
  • Fixed DCT Blocking issue (progressive deterioration with increasing distance from previous keyframe)
  • Fixed encode errors when the audio bit rate is set higher than the video bit rate.