Flickr How To: Auto Geotag iPhone Photos

I use Flickr a lot. I have over 12,000 photos on my Flickr account, with over 500 coming from my iPhone alone (with over 2,000 on my iPhone as mentioned in this post). I was enamored when the GPS-toting iPhone 3G came out as I assumed my photos would automatically be geotagged when I uploaded them to Flickr. Unfortunately that was not the case and the only way to have Flickr geotag those photos was either by using a third-party iPhone application to do the uploading or upload the original file once you've gotten iPhoto to grab it. This seemed like a big hassle to me as I almost never sync my iPhone with my computer. All I do is charge it with the wall charger.

My primary method of uploading images to Flickr from my iPhone has always been simply emailing them to my Flickr contact, which uses the special Flickr upload email address. As such I didn't want to be bothered with changing my ways to get automatic geotagging working. Thanks to a new post on the Flickr blog, I won't have to do anything differently to have photos from my iPhone automatically geotagged on Flickr.

Flickr geotag privacy settings

If you already upload to Flickr from your iPhone, you'll need to change your geotagging privacy settings to allow Flickr to geotag your photos based on the included exif GPS data.

Now that I have that setup for my iPhone, I've noticed the GPS data on the photos is anywhere from 1/2 a block to 5 blocks off in terms of accuracy. Does anyone know how often the iPhone updates its location? With the Maps application open, it's almost instantaneous but it seems this is not the case with applications that request location data.

Do you do a lot of photo uploading from your mobile phone?

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"Flickr How To: Auto Geotag iPhone Photos" by @Stammy