Entrepreneurs Listen Up - Visa Launches Small Biz Site

Visa USA has just launched a new online campaign entitled Business Breakthrough designed to help busy small business owners and entrepreneurs. The site offers valuable resources via an archive of video case studies that Visa calls breakthroughs. Each breakthrough deals with a different issue in a different profession and delivers aid in several categories: finance, technology, marketing, organization and team building.

Visa Breakthrough

One of the videos showed a chocolate factory that had computers throughout the business but they were not connected in any fashion. A technology editor proposed a dedicated server to securely store all of their inventory and sales data, accessible from each computer, as well as improved software for generating reports faster.

Business Breakthough also launched with a contest for small business owners to win such expert consultation for their business. There will be 5 winners, one for each category previously listed. Each winner will receive an in-depth business evaluation from an expert in their field and up to 10,000 worth of solutions. If you run your own small business or know anyone that does, let them know about this great opportunity from Visa.

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"Entrepreneurs Listen Up - Visa Launches Small Biz Site" by @Stammy

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