Download Songs at the Pump

Microsoft's Automotive Business Unit (I guess they are the MapPoint people?) is teaming up with a gasoline dispenser manufacturer to develop a system where drivers can download tunes while they're filling up. Straight from the I-don't-think-we-need-this department, the prototype gas pump would be able to transfer purchased songs over Wi-Fi to your media device (most likely read Zune) or advanced car stereo.

Assuming each pump would only have access to an average Internet connection, it could very well take longer to download 3 or 4 songs than fill up your car. But then again, this is America and the Hummer H2 holds 32 gallons. No word yet on whether the songs are DRM protected or not. I would assume that they are and that they would have to somehow be tied into a proprietary account you have with the service or your gas card.

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"Download Songs at the Pump" by @Stammy

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