Database Restored.

I'm not exactly sure why but my WordPress database went haywire overnight, presumably around 5am as told by FeedBurner's FeedMedic. I should have seen that coming, I had a few database hiccups yesterday and the day before. Out of desperation, I immediately filed a support ticket with Media Temple and called them to take a look at possibly repairing the database. Thankfully I have nightly backups and was able to make a new database with them in Plesk and edit the wp-config.php file to tell WordPress to use the new MySQL database. All of this in my CS2260 class on my laptop. I only lost a few comments, but if yours was one of them, sorry about that - feel free to drop a comment again. I guess today was a reminder that you need to backup your database/filesystem frequently. If you use WordPress, you can't go wrong with WP-DB Backup. It has many options, but I have it setup to email a complete database backup at midnight everynight to my gmail account.