CBS Launches HD Player

Taking a note from Hulu, CBS launched an HD video player not too long ago. Their HD video gallery sports streamed, ad-supported clips and full episodes from their primetime shows. The site is plastered with Intel ads and unlike Hulu, videos are not embeddable.

CBS HD Video Player

CBS began testing their HD video streaming back in March, when they claimed they would be offering video streaming in 720p and 1080p in addition to the current 480p video. Unfortunately it does not seem like their claims have become a reality just yet. Then again, does anything higher than 480p have its place on the typical consumers' computer such as an ordinary laptop with a moderate broadband connection?

Do you take advantage of video streaming sites like this and Hulu? Or do you prefer acquiring the episodes you want in higher quality? While I used to be a big fan of such services, ever since I got an HDTV I either watch shows when they are on or find them in HD later and feed them to my HTPC.