Canon EOS 7D

Well that didn't take long. About a year after I wrote about how much I liked my Sony Alpha NEX-5 camera, I have gone back to big DSLR land. I purchased a Canon EOS 7D last week with quite a few accessories including Canon 24-105mm L, Canon 50mm f/1.4, 580EX II flash, and Rode Videomic.

Paul Stamatiou using a Canon EOS 5D Mk II at Y Combinator
I was hooked ever since Brendan let me use his 5D Mk II at Y Combinator.

I think the thing that did it for me was the lack of solid accessories for the NEX-5. It doesn't have a hotshoe so you can't use your typical large external flash or plug in your own mic. But most importantly, if you want a good lens you'll have to play with a bunch of adapters to get the kind you want.

I was originally waiting for the 5D Mark III to come out next year but I'm flying home next week to visit my nephew. It's the perfect opportunity to take some quality photos of my baby nephew and print them out for the family with Picplum. I'm only buying full-frame lenses so I can sell the 7D when the 5D Mk III comes out (or the rumored full-frame 7D Mk II). Well, who knows. I'm pretty happy with the 7D and I'm not sure how much full-frame would help me aside from the crop issue on these lenses. Better AF is always appreciated though.

In the meantime I'm looking forward to experimenting with DSLR video as well. My old Nikon D90 did video but the quality was sub-par with lots of 'jelly' motion. I got a rolling dolly and want to experiment with some interesting shots but I'm quickly learning how hard it is to focus while trying to look at the little 3-inch screen. That must explain all the people that tack on 7-inch LCD screens via HDMI and get a Redrock Micro HDSLR rig to make things easier to focus precisely. I first got wind of Redrock Micro rigs when a fellow Ford Fiesta Movement Agent, Beto Lopez, had one for his 7D.

This is the first time I have invested in a quality external flash. It makes a massive difference! I'm very happy with it so far. I'm sure I'll be talking more about my setup and how I'm adjusting to the 7D soon. I'm hoping to build up a small collection of lenses that will last me at least a decade.

7d test night
Would never have been able to take a night shot like this without the 580EX II. This bar was super dark.