What is a bit?

Congrats! You're reading the very first bit on this blog. In the 5+ years I have run PaulStamatiou.com I have secretly wanted to be able to post more than just technology related articles. Eventually it got to the point where my readership (rightfully) expected all my new posts I have always delivered: tech news, reviews and guides in a long-form fashion. This meant that I couldn't publish random, small snippets of cool products, links I find online or just passing thoughts on whatever.

Hopefully this new bit post type will let me do just that. Bits do not appear in the main RSS feed of this blog. I may at some point create a different feed for bits but at the moment I want to keep them separate from my long-form posts.

So what kinds of bits can you expect to see? I might write about my thoughts on a health and fitness regimen I am following, talk about a neat little LED flashlight I picked up on Amazon, talk about the BMW Z8 I saw in the Mission today or mention the kind of tea I have been drinking lately.

Consider bits the same as "asides" or notes.