Back to College Shopping List

In response to the horribly inaccurate Back to School Cheat Sheet on CrunchGear, Derek Punsalan wrote an interesting rebuttal with a proper shopping list of his own. CrunchGear is coming under attack since the list Mr. John Biggs created was completely absurd for any college student, listing things like 55-inch 3,200 plasma TV's, a 200 backpack, and a 400 satellite radio receiver. Oh and Mr. Biggs also thought that public college tuition was around 3,000... um, yeah; 10x that buddy.

My list would include more realistic things like a MacBook, TI-83/89 graphing calculator, a cheaper iPod Nano, a good deck of cards for poker, a Jansport or equivalently priced backpack, a cheap Wi-Fi router (assuming your school allows WAPs) and a small TV.

Update: I have written A Realistic Back to School Guide for College Students aimed at incoming college freshmen.

Update 2: I have written Back to College Shopping Guide, Off-Campus Edition aimed at upperclassmen.