Apple's Spotlight Turns to Notebooks Event Today

It doesn't matter which part of the Intarwebs you reside, you have probably heard something about today's Apple event - the invitation to which was titled "the spotlight turns to notebooks." The typical Apple blog rumor mills and even the PSTAM forums have been a flurry of activity in the past few days. Some claim we'll see networked HDTVs with Apple TV-like functionality incorporated, while others say the we'll be seeing a new MacBook starting at 899 (other rumors say that price is for a 24-inch LED-backlit LCD display).

Regardless of the rumors, one thing is for sure, this leaked image of new MacBook Pro is pretty slick. John Gruber seems to have the best pre-event post detailing what's to come today.

Updated MacBook Pro
Image Source: Engadget

But that's enough of rumors and the like, the Apple event is less than an 1 hour away (1pm Eastern). Here's where you can follow along:

What are you anticipating the most? After having numerous MacBook Air issues (right now the one irking me the most is a dead microDVI port), I believe a new MacBook Pro is in my future.