Apple's September 12th Surprise

The past few weeks in the Apple community have been chockful of rumors that Apple will hold a special event next Tuesday, September 12th. What they are going to release then is anyone's guess. However, the special event will almost certainly update some current Macs with the new Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom core) processor and even bring a new Mac as Apple Insider claims.

Apparently, Apple will introduce a massive 23 inch iMac powered by the dual-core mobile Merom chip. You can expect speeds of 2, 2.16 and 2.33GHz to be offered. On the Intel front, this year's net income was a whopping 57% lower than expected and Intel might cut as many as 10,000 jobs soon.

As far as other Apple rumors are concerned, September 12th might bring the iTunes Movie Store that we've all been hearing about. However, if the price per movie is indeed in the neighborhood of 14.99 I won't be using the service, especially if the movies are DRM-protected. Now if you are feeling ambitious, you can extrapolate that rumor to indicate that a new iPod should be introduced to play these movies.

Speaking of DRM, a recently released Python package dubbed QTFairUse can circumvent DRM in iTunes 6. However, QTFairUse shouldn't be too much of a threat to Apple as it requires a fairly strong technical know-how to even get it running.