Apple Updates Boot Camp

For all the Intel Mac users out there, Apple has updated the Boot Camp beta to version 1.1.2. Unlike previous releases, 1.1.2 is a considerable update and is highly recommended for all Boot Camp users. Features for version 1.1.2 include support for the latest Intel Macs (presumably the new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros), trackpad scrolling and right-click as well as the ability to install Windows XP on any internal disk, not just the primary (edit: the ability to install XP on any internal disk has been around since 1.1.1).

Prominent bug fixes include improved 802.11 wireless networking support and repaired idle sleep bugs. If I understand correctly, the fixed idle sleep bug should boost battery life on laptops and decrease power consumption overall. Idle sleep states, also known as C states for processors, are designed to reduce processor power consumption. If an otherwise idle computer can't enter or sustain the idle sleep states, it won't utilize its power as effectively as possible.

Unrelated, but I used Boot Camp to get my 24-inch iMac to dual boot Fedora Core 6 and OS X last weekend. It worked out really well actually. That is, until I decided to overwrite Fedora Core 6 with Ubuntu 6.10 and messed it all up.

Boot Camp beta 1.1.2 is available for download now and as always, is a hefty download (143MB).