Apple Unveils a Few Surprises

Apple has released the 802.11n enabler alongside unexpected colorful iPod shuffles. The 802.11n will enable 802.11n connectivity on your current-generation Mac (C2D MacBook, C2D MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and C2D iMacs with the exception of the 1.83GHz model, all have 802.11n capabilities). The enabler costs 1.99 and also comes with the new Airport Extreme so don't purchase the enabler if you're planning on picking up a new Airport Extreme Base Station.

Engadget reports that the Airport Extreme is currently shipping, even though the Apple page says shipping in February.

The refreshed iPod Shuffle line comes in 4 new vivid colors - orange, green, blue and pink. No other hardware specifications of the Shuffle have changed though - still the same 1GB audio player for 79. AppleInsider has snagged some pictures of the orange iPod Shuffle and it's a vivaciously vibrant orange.

iPod Shuffle Orange