Apple to Make Windows Drivers?

Apple Computer has recently joined the ranks of BAPCo, the Windows benchmarking consortium. While still only speculation, Gearlog seems to think that this means Apple will now concentrate on Windows drivers to help the benchmark scores of Windows XP loaded on Apple's Intel-based computers. From other news I have read, I can support their stance. Other rumors indicate OS X 10.5, dubbed Leopard, will feature Virtualization Technology or VT, as I talked about a while ago. It turns out that Intel is hard at work preparing to ship the Core Duo T2700 processor, a dual-core 2.33GHz chip, which will support VT. Coincidence - I think not. Apple has this timed just right and there would be no surprise if Leopard was launched simultaneously with upgraded Intel Macs featuring this VT chip.

Virtualization Technology with a supportive OS and processor opens up the possibility for running several operating systems, e.g. OS X and Windows XP, at native speeds while affording the ability to switch between them quickly.