Apple Repair Remains Dismal

Update: Apple replaced my Air with a new Rev A. I just went to the Apple Store, told them that it had a non-US keyboard from an error on their part and asked if I could just get a replacement so I didn't have to deal with waiting for it to get repaired again.

I am only speaking from my own past experiences of having Apple repair my Macs, but this has to stop somewhere. For the past 2 weeks (I was quoted 5-7 days) Apple has had my MacBook Air to repair a bent screen bezel and dead micro DVI port. What I got in return was a German keyboard. Thanks Apple. I didn't know I wanted to learn German.

disappointed by apple repair, as usual

I had given it to Apple with a clean install of Leopard so that when it's booted it loads the installer, as I was planning on selling it sooner or later. Of course, when I got it back they decided to go ahead and run the installer and create an "apple" user for me instead of leaving the pristine install I had originally. Also, the fan is now dead and makes interesting sounds, the screen bezel remained bent and the display is misaligned and closes oddly.

Don't get me wrong, Apple repair at the Genius Bar is almost always top-notch as long as you're not an ass to the Geniuses. It is just when they send it off to their repair centers that quality of the repair suddenly stops becoming a priority.

So when you take your Mac to get repaired and they have to send it to their repair center, politely request that a service technician with the ID 31514 at the "CTS, Apple Authorized Repair Center" in Houston, Texas does not fix your Mac.

What has your experience with Apple repair been like?