Apple Releases Boot Camp, Puts Smile on My Face

Today Apple released a beta application called Boot Camp, which will be included as a final in OS X 10.5, Leopard. Boot Camp, simply put, lets you create a boot disc with all the proper Windows drivers so you can safely install Windows XP on your Intel Mac. No crazy installation hacks and slipstreaming your own special XP disc. Provided that you have the lastest software and firmware updates, a legit Windows XP disc, at least 10GB free on your hard drive and a blank CD, you can install Windows XP on your Intel Mac. This is great news, I wasn't going to install and dual-boot Windows on my Mac until the drivers and procedure had matured. It seems like the day has come.

Boot Camp

While I think this is great, someone at the OSx86 Project explores the ramifications of many users running Windows and OS X to both Microsoft and Apple. I feel that Apple will get more users that love their hardware but are tethered to Windows nonetheless. I know several friends that think the MacBook Pro is the best laptop in terms of design and hardware, just not software. Now they can have the best all worlds with Boot Camp. Take a look at TheUberGeeks' analysis of this piece of news on your way out.

Update: I've downloaded and installed the Boot Camp Assistant. Before you can run it the first time you need to update your firmware from Updating the firmware was as simple as opening up the downloaded dmg and running the executable which makes you shutdown. On the next boot, just hold down the powerbutton for a few seconds until the power led flashes and you will be greeted with an update screen. When all is done, the computer reboots.

Boot Camp
Boot Camp
Unfortunately, I couldn't continue as I don't have enough free space.

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