AJAX for phpMyAdmin?

It seems as though phpMyAdmin will have competition for the first time. TurboDbAdmin is a breakthrough web application providing online database administration utilizing a single page interface. AJAX powers TurbuDbAdmin so things you do are instant, no need to press submit and wait for the next page to load to see if it was a success/failure. However, it is currently a beta, so I'm not sure how much I could trust such an application with my precious databases. If phpMyAdmin has anything going for it, it is definitely reliability. Playing around with the live demo (needs Firefox 1.5+, doesn't work in Safari) of TurboDbAdmin brings out some letdowns of the software. AJAX is a great technology but is it really necessary for such an important task? Similar to the way server operating systems cut down on graphics, I don't think a fancy interface is vital, especially if that comes at the cost of performance and dependability. The way TurboDbAdmin uses AJAX, the moment you edit something it's saved and executed instantaneously. That creates a playground for error and catastrophe. As of now, the beta does not offer support for creating and altering tables, executing SQL commands, or importing/exporting databases. However, they did spend their time on making it customizable via themes. Somehow, I don't think they got the point. What server admin is really going to care about the theme of their database software when they have to resurrect a database? Do not get me wrong; the concept of an AJAX-ified database administration client is fantastic. However, TurboAJAX's execution of this concept needs an overhaul.