9rules Round 5 Coming Soon

I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but better late than never. The 9rules content network of which PaulStamatiou.com is a member will be having its 5th submission round on October 25th. That gives you hopefuls some time to perfect your design and write some killer entries.

For those that recently found my site and are unfamiliar with 9rules, it is basically a decently-sized community of high-quality weblogs specializing in a range of topics. New sites are added to the network once selected by the head 9rules honchos after a submission round. Applicants have a 24 hour window to submit their site for review. I got in on Round 3 and the last Round 4 had 700 applicants and something like 120 were accepted.

Round 3
Here's some nostalgia for you.
Paul StamatiouPaul Stamatiou

Paul Stamatiou is a designer, developer and photographer living in New York. He has been a product designer at Twitter since 2013. More »

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"9rules Round 5 Coming Soon" by @Stammy