4 Contraptions All Geeks Should Have

When it comes to the gadget-minded geek there are many items that are deemed as essential. Obviously a computer comes first on this list, but there are more, somewhat obscure items that they might not have even known they needed. Feel free to leave a comment and mention what gadget you can't live without.

Herman Miller Aeron

When spending over 10 hours per day at your desk, a comfortable and supportive yet stylish chair is of utmost importance. Few desk and work chairs come close to the quality of Herman Miller's products. The Aeron chair is the pinnacle of computer chairs, but for that prestige comes a hefty price tag. The Aeron runs for over 800 dollars. However, that price hasn't deterred many from them. Herman Miller chairs can be found in campus libraries, executive hotel rooms and other such fine institutions.

EVDO Connectivity

Being connected 24/7 is a top priority among geeks across the world. The new breed of EVDO devices are just the ticket, offering 3G speeds up there with broadband. Many PCMCIA EVDO cards are offered from wireless providers such as Sprint and Verizon. For those with the MacBook Pro, you can expect an EVDO Express Card soon. Popular smartphones such as the Treo 700w and Motorola Q feature EVDO connectivity. Most EVDO-enabled cell phones double as a modem for your laptop or desktop via a USB or Bluetooth connection, which comes in handy if you're traveling or when your internet dies.

Widescreen LCDs

Upgrading to a larger computer display can reduce eye irritation, increase productivity, save time and eliminate the stress of constantly having to minimize and maximize windows to display what you want. There's a reason that the headquarters of Flock and Yahoo! are filled with 20, 23 and 24 inch displays. Any geek still making do with 1280x1024 or lower resolution should consider an upgrade.

Multi-LED Flashlights

Most geeks tinker inside computers or venture to the cable mess behind their desk to find that gadget that fell, making do with a wimpy single LED keychain flashlight. Those things have long expired in the techie community. The replacement: a compact double or triple A battery-powered flashlight featuring an array of 15 or more LEDs. These can commonly be found on eBay for 10 in any LED color you want, even ultraviolet. Do yourself a favor and pick one up, they really do prove indispensable.