YouTube Undergoing Massive Changes?

Pete Cashmore seems to believe that the current changes YouTube is undergoing tonight will be much more than just the maintanence they claim. The potential changes would include a new way to organize videos and facilitate user stickiness where they stay around longer after finding more and more relevant content. Personally, I don't think this is necessary as I end up wasting 2 hours on YouTube everytime someone sends me a link to a video.

The new interface will allow users to organize clips according to designated categories. So, for example, music clips can be organized around artists or vacations can be organized around specific activities. For broadcasters and other mainstream media, there will be the utility to make their presence more organized, putting specific shows in order.

Regardless, we'll see if these claims turn out to be true in the morning. I think it's safe to say that these potential changes will be made under the guidance of Google.. who is trying to recoup the cost of countless copyright lawsuits cough Viacom cough by enhancing YouTube so viewers hang around longer and see more ads.

Speaking of addictive video, be sure to check out this powerful video on the issue of network neutrality. My Communication & Culture professor presented this to class yesterday as a companion to his lecture on network neutrality and Web 2.0.