XP on Mac Contest Over, Solution Released

It's finally been done. With the recent news and video of narf2006 running Windows XP on his Intel iMac, everyone was wondering when his solutions would be verified. Well today, Colin from OnMac.net, where the contest is held, verified narf's solution and it was made public in a nice zip file with all of the things necessary, minus Windows XP, to dual-boot your Intel Mac. The 13,000+ prize money will go to narf2006 with donations afterward going to an open source project to promote XP on Intel Macs. If you haven't seen narf's video, take a look below. It goes through the installation up to booting into XP for the first time.

The installation procedures aren't for those that don't enjoy getting down and dirty. You have to make a custom XP SP2 disc slipstreamed with an included file, play with some of the directories and burn the CD in a special manner. Installation gets a bit more furry with having to create a new partition table. The notes state that this has only been tested on an Intel iMac, but I would presume it would work on an Intel Mac Mini as well. I might try this out on mine. This also means that I won't be talking about this subject anymore, unless something new pops up, for those of you that don't care much and have been counting how many XP on Mac articles I've posted.

Quick instructions for those knowing what they're doing ------------------------------------------------------- 1. Partition the disk in two using the OSX CD: FAT and HFS+ 2. Install OSX on the HFS+ partition. 3. Copy xom.efi (from xom.zip) into the hard disk 4. cd to the directory where you put xom.efi and type sudo bless --folder . --file xom.efi --setBoot 5. Reboot, insert the XP CD, select windows using the arrows and wait about 3 minutes 6. Choose the FAT partition you previously created. (choose, not create! it should prompt for filesystem) 7. Install. Make sure to remove the CD on subsequent boots, otherwise you'll start the process over again. Note: The "press any key to boot from CD" prompt doesn't work yet 8. Done!