Wireless USB Almost Here

Similar to the 802.11n spec, Wireless USB (UWB, Ultra-Wideband) has been in talks for a very long time. Belkin has created one of the first wireless USB hubs, your typical four port contraption, set to be out this spring. The difference is that this hub is powered by Ultra-Wideband wireless technology allowing the user to plugin a USB dongle into a remote computer and access all of the devices attached to the hub. This is ideal for the laptop user that likes to roam about the room while still maintaining connectivity to their printer or external hard drive. Unfortunately this new piece of tech comes at the cost of several drawbacks. It will cost around 130 USD and the USB dongle is rather bulky compared to say the one supplied with newer Logitech cordless laser mice. Ethan of BlackRimGlasses fame, told me he saw these things first hand at CES and they are the real deal; no vaporware here.

Belkin Wireless USB hub