Windows Vista Officially Released

Vista has finally arrived and it comes in an overwhelming variety of flavors. Wikipedia has a detailed chart comparing each version of Vista; on the high-end there is the Vista Ultimate full version retailing for 399 and at the low-end we've got the Vista Home Basic upgrade for 99. Then there is the Vista Ultimate signature edition for the uber fanboys out there. If you haven't yet seen my pseudo-review of Vista, check it out now.

To give you a little perspective on things, Apple's Mac OS X is only offered in one version and it comes as a full version for 129. Mac OS X.5, Leopard, is expected to follow the same pricing structure when it releases in ~March.

Today's reader question: Are you going to upgrade to Vista, and if so which version will you pick up and when? *Bonus points if you reply tonight from camped outside of a Best Buy, CompUSA, etcetera, waiting to get your hands on Vista. (Although some stores have midnight launch parties in addition to the official launch event with Sir Bill Gates.)

*Bonus points hold no real monetary value, unless otherwise noted.