What You Need to Know: CES + MacWorld

If you haven't stopped by TechMeme today, let me be the first to fill you in. Bill Gates had a great keynote at CES yesterday where Microsoft unveiled their Windows Home Server. It's a simple device meant for storing media and just about any type of content you have on your Windows-networked PCs and devices. The server platform supports multiple drives and spans data across them.

The bundled server software can create automated backups and images while monitoring PC health. Windows Live account holders will benefit from added connectivity to their Windows Home Server. The first company to distribute their version of the Windows Home Server will be HP with other companies not too far behind. The price point is aimed at 500 or under for Windows Home Server devices.

There's an interesting conversation with Bill Gates and some prominent bloggers over at CrunchGear. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 received IPTV capability.

Yahoo! rolled out a powerful mobile app that adds flickr, maps, email, finance integration and more to your mobile device of choice.

MacWorld starts up tomorrow in San Francisco with Stevie J's highly anticipated keynote. There are many rumors in the blogosphere - an Apple phone of sorts, new displays with integrated iSights, the release of iLife '07 and iWork '07, an 8-core Mac Pro and the iTV. Many of these rumors won't come to fruition tomorrow but personally I'd like to see the new software and their phone. As always, I'm awaiting Leopard but that won't be coming out for at least a few more months. What would you like to see from MacWorld, or what did you enjoy the most at CES 2007?