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What Do You Think of the Photoshop CS3 Beta?

Adobe Labs released the first Beta of Photoshop CS3, optimized for Intel processors, yesterday. I downloaded it as soon as I got settled in NYC and I must say I am loving the improvements. In addition to the tremendous speed gains, the interface is slightly tweaked and seems a lot more streamlined. There is also a fancy fade effect when you change application focus to and from Photoshop.

Adobe also changed the icon to a blue square with "Ps" in it, like they made it just for me. I think I will definitely buy CS3 when it comes out - the cheaper, education version of course.

Photoshop CS3 Beta

There are some more screenshots of the new interface up on flickr, courtesy of cdharrison.

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"What Do You Think of the Photoshop CS3 Beta?" by @Stammy