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What Apps Did You Buy This Year?

There's a lengthy discussion going on at Lifehacker about software that their readers have purchased this year. In the spirit of that post, I decided I might as well chime in and list the applications I have paid for this year or am planning on purchasing next year.


  • iDefrag - A great app that keeps my filesystem healthy and performing well. I reviewed it last January. The lastest version (1.5.8) works for Intel Macs too.
  • Delicious Library - I'm slowly building up my DVD & tech book collection and this app will hopefully keep track of everything. I'm looking forward to the next version.
  • SubEthaEdit - Nice text editor designed for collaborative coding
  • TextMate - Amazing text editor, I use the Cobalt color layout.
  • Transmit - Best. FTP. App. Ever.
  • iShowU - handy app for making screencasts, which I unfortunately haven't used much.
  • Pukka - small app for bookmarking to
  • Macromedia Flash 8 Professional - I laid down the big bucks to purchase this app for a class of mine so I wouldn't have to live at the computer lab on campus.
  • Parallels - For when I need to use Windows
  • Barquee - I think I bought this in 2005. It was a great iTunes add-on while I was on my PPC G4 Mac Mini. Now that I'm all Mactel, it doesn't work. I tried to get a refund but no go. Don't get it if you run an Intel Mac - it only works half the time.

Will Probably Purchase in 2007

  • OS X Leopard - no explanation needed
  • CSSEdit - I've always been a big fan of doing ALL my coding in TextMate, but I recently downloaded the trial of CSSEdit and am kinda hooked on the CSS auto complete feature. No more needing to remember random things like text-decoration: line-through;
  • Office 2007 for Mac - Pretty much required for students. Word, PowerPoint and Excel oh my! Office 2004 for Mac is ridiculously slow through Rosetta.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 Educational Version - I will be buying this. I use Photoshop almost everyday for cropping images to be posted on the blog or making graphics for other projects. The Photoshop CS3 beta is a good indicator of what's to come and I like it.

Now it's your turn. What applications, Windows or OS X, have you purchased this year? What apps will take hold of your wallet next year?

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"What Apps Did You Buy This Year?" by @Stammy