Web App Spotlight - Commentful

A new web application for social media users just hit the e-block. Commentful is a simple and useful service that lets social media users keep track of comments on a variety of publishing platforms. The attraction of Commentful is that you don't have to be a blogger to use it - you don't even have to leave comments to use the service. It can help you monitor conversations on everything from a WordPress blog to Digg and Flickr.


Commentful has the ability to work with many publishing platforms with comments since it keeps it simple and only informs you when there is a new comment on any post you are watching. The problem with CoComment was that it only worked with some publishing platforms since it reported not only when a comment was published but also displayed the new comments. Commentful ensures you'll never have to subscribe to an RSS comments feed, purely to see if Joe replied on that one post, again.

Through the use of an ingenius Firefox extension, Commentful users can track any page by right clicking and adding it to their watchlist. In addition, the notification process is sped up with an orange orb that blinks when there are new comments in your watchlist. That's it. Commentful does one thing and it does it well. For the avid blogger or blog subscriber, Commentful is a valuable service that can help manage your online life. No more will you find that cool site on digg, leave a comment and try to see if there are any new comments the next day only to find you've forgotten the site. Commentful has already found a use for me as I'm constantly logging into flickr to look for new comments.